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October 2023

Who doesn’t love the convenience of workplace collaboration tools and messaging apps like Slack, Teams and Zoom?

We can chat with colleagues, share files, hold meetings and even discuss sensetive topics without leaving our comfy offices. It’s all sunshine and rainbows….. until cyber attackers decide to rain on your parade.

You see, whilst these platforms have become a blessing for productivity, they’ve also opened Pandora’s box of cyber security risks.

Did you know that Slack, despite using encryption, does not feature end-to-end encryption? It’s believed this is so clients can maintain visability into their company’s communications.

Or if you use WhatsApp for your business, it has been exploited in a variety of social engineering attacks?

And let’s not forget Telegram, which has become a prime target for cyber attackers.

This has given birth to a new attack category- Business Communication Compromise (BCC), a sinister cousin of the more familiar Business Email Compromise (BEC).

82% of data breaches involve the human element, according to a 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report. An innocent click on a phishing email, and your communication platforms become a playground for cyber attackers.

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Here’s how you can stay safe:

  • Enforce strict access controls, so only people who are supposed to get into your platform, can do so.
  • Implement data loss prevension measures. Use a system with encryption and make sure lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped.
  • And train your team on how to protect sensitive information.
If we can help you stay better protected, get in touch.

Did you know?

Chrome plans to highlight risky extensions

Google is planning to make extensions safer for everyone, by actively highlighting the ones that have been made unavailable in the Chrome Web Store.

There are three reasons an extension may disappear; the developer has removed it, it breaches Google Web Store policy, or it’s malware. This new feature will leave you in no doubt about the potential risk of an extension that’s suddenly vanished.

Tech Facts

1-2-3 October Tech Facts

Technology Update

Custom instructions come to ChatGPT

OpenAI is rolling out a new feature called Custom Instructions, for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Through two prompts, you can tell ChatGPT about your specific requirements and preferred response format. Whether you’re marketing to prospects, or educating clients, this innovative feature caters to your unique needs.

New to Microsoft 365

Coming soon: Faster backup for Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange

Microsoft 365 Backup is said to be a powerful data recovery service, and it’s coming soon. It’s designed to speedily restore your OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange data if you’ve suffered a breach. It even allows you to restore data within set date ranges.

A public preview is expected later this year. If it gets a positive reaction, we’ll be expecting a full rollout by next year.

Is AI really for you, or are you jumping on the bandwagon?

Do you ever find yourself asking, “What ia all this ype about AI?”

If so, You’re not alone.

The buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to revolutionise every aspect of our lives is inescapable. But how can you navigate through the noise and truly harness the power of AI to meet your business’s big goals?

It’s a question that keeps many business leaders awake at night.

Imagine being able to predict market trends before they happen, or to streamline your operations with almost exact precision. This isn’t some far-off dream; it’s the promise of generative AI.

But there’ a lot of speculation around AI. Right now, it’s uncertain, so… should you simply wait and see what happens?

Of course not!

In fact, now is exactly the time to start exploring generative AI. sitting back isn’t an option when your rivals could be leveraging this technology to gain a competitive edge. Yes, there’s a lot to learn and understand, but isn’t that part of the thrill of doing business in the 21st century?

But one thing to keep in mind amidst the excitement, is not to lose sight of your core aims, goals and cultures. What good is a new AI system if it doesn’t align with the way your business behaves?

Whilst the world of AI may seem like uncharted territory, some classic rules still apply. Will yoi implementit? Will it generate revenue? Can it reduce your costs? Will it boost productivity? If not, perhaps it’s not the right move for your business right now.

So, while the hype around AI is deafening, and the path ahead is not clear at all, the potential rewards are too great to ignore.

The Power of AI is changing the way we work!

Ready to switch to an IT Service Provider who puts your business needs first?

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