Managed Telecoms

Business communications anywhere, anytime, on any device

Focus business phone systems is a complete managed communications service that provides a range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities.

Manage your calls whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

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FTS communications help your business…

Focus Technology provide full support, training, number porting, provisioning and UK-based assistance.

Telecoms orders are usually processed and systems fully operational within 5 days, though in many cases we endeavour to get you up and running the very same day.

We can bolt-on to your existing phone system or help you start from scratch.



So you only need to start off with one user and add or remove users as and when you need them each month.

Fixed Spend BUNDLES

With our unlimited UK call bundle your spending each month is fixed, so you can easily budget and get back to running your business.


Enable remote working and allow staff to work from anywhere with the same extension number and ability to transfer and record calls.

Hands Free Install

Our phones auto-install themselves so there are no install or setup charges. It is just plug and play at any location.

SOFTPHONE - Support for Multiple Devices

Software available for smartphones and tablets, desktops and laptops. Receive and Dial as your office number wherever you are, on any device.

Voice and Video

93% of communicating attitude and feelings is from non-verbal cues, our Softphone application allows staff to make both voice and video calls.

Free phone software for PC, Mac and mobiles

Using a Softphone is a cost effective way to enable professional remote working by allowing your workforce to make and receive calls through the system using their mobiles and computers. 

When anyone calls your main office number the Softphone App can answer just like you are sat at your desk, regardless of your actual location.

And, whilst using the system on mobiles you won’t pay for the minutes either, an additional cost saving.

For an even greater cost saving choose to use the App alone, instead of renting or buying a physical phone.

choose your numbers

Getting up and running on your existing numbers is a simple process of moving your number across to our platform. We help you with this migrate your numbers to ensure it’s quick and easy with no downtime to the business and if you have a premium phone number we can help you redirect it through to our platform too.

Are you in need of a new telephone number or looking to purchase a premium number? No problem, we can provide you with a selection of telephone numbers to choose from. Local number or generic 03, it’s up to you.


Fixed-Fee Unlimited Support means you’ll have all the support you need but just one monthly bill, without any hidden fees or extra charges.

99.9% Uptime

We guarantee 99.9% uptime backed up by our SLA on our robust UK dedicated platform. Monitored and managed 24/7

FREE Installation

All our systems are configured in the cloud, so there are no configuration, installation or support charges. Our phones simply auto install when plugged in.

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I bring a unique blend of humour and a strong willingness to dive into tasks with enthusiasm. My personality shines through in everything I do, adding a vibrant dynamic to the team.

Outside of work, I have a passion for painting miniatures, playing board games, and indulging in video games. These activities not only fuel my creativity but also keep me engaged and refreshed.

Pursuing a career in IT has always been a dream of mine. I am excited about the prospect of working closely with IT and learning from this dynamic field.

Before joining the team, I honed my skills in the retail sector. This experience equipped me with valuable insights into customer service and teamwork.

One quirky aspect about me is my double-jointed thumbs, which always seem to intrigue people!

The opportunity to work with an incredible team and immerse myself in the IT world is what I love most about my role. The camaraderie and the chance to work in IT make every day enjoyable.

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