FocusTech Insider March 2024

FocusTech Insider March 2024 Are you really ready to upgrade? So, you’re thinking about upgrading your business to Windows 11? That’s a smart move because this update comes with some cool features that can boost your productivity. But here’s the thing, it’s not as simple as clicking a button and SHAZAM, you’re on Windows 11. […]

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FocusTech Insider February 2024 Notifications have become a part of our daily lives. Whether it’s the ping of a new email, a message from a colleague on Teams, or a meeting reminder on your calendar, these little nudges constantly battle for our attention. But are we reaching a tipping point with notifications? According to recent […]

FocusTech Insider January 2024

FocusTech Insider January 2024 Put these 7 things in your 2024 IT strategy: As we enter 2024, it’s the perfect time to set the stage for an AMAZING year. And one crucial part of this is reviewing your IT strategy. You don’t have one?? A great time to pull one together then. Think of it […]

FocusTech Insider December 2023

Focus Tech Insider December 2023 Should your business follow Google’s security lead? Google has introduced a new security strategy – but is it right for your business? It has put some employees on a cyber diet, restricting their internet access to limit potential threats. On the surface, it sounds like a smart move. Google’s approach […]

FocusTech Insider November 2023

Focus Tech Insider November 2023 Three cyber security threats your team MUST know about: Your employees are your first line of defence in cyber security, and their training is as crucial as the cutting-edge tools you’ve invested in. Are you overlooking this vital element?  We strongly advise you to make an ongoing commitment to regular […]

FocusTech Insider October 2023

Focus Tech Insider October 2023 Who doesn’t love the convenience of workplace collaboration tools and messaging apps like Slack, Teams and Zoom? We can chat with colleagues, share files, hold meetings and even discuss sensetive topics without leaving our comfy offices. It’s all sunshine and rainbows….. until cyber attackers decide to rain on your parade. […]

Phillip Duffy

Technical Apprentice

I bring a unique blend of humour and a strong willingness to dive into tasks with enthusiasm. My personality shines through in everything I do, adding a vibrant dynamic to the team.

Outside of work, I have a passion for painting miniatures, playing board games, and indulging in video games. These activities not only fuel my creativity but also keep me engaged and refreshed.

Pursuing a career in IT has always been a dream of mine. I am excited about the prospect of working closely with IT and learning from this dynamic field.

Before joining the team, I honed my skills in the retail sector. This experience equipped me with valuable insights into customer service and teamwork.

One quirky aspect about me is my double-jointed thumbs, which always seem to intrigue people!

The opportunity to work with an incredible team and immerse myself in the IT world is what I love most about my role. The camaraderie and the chance to work in IT make every day enjoyable.

Superpower? 🦸‍♂️


Sweet or Salty? 🍬🥨