Business Continuity

Reliable business backup, disaster and recovery services

Activate powerful, reliable backup and disaster recover solutions that help you build trust with your clients and expand your business relationships.

Avoid downtime and disruption with a cost-effective, unified backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution.

How much does downtime
cost your business?

20% of businesses will experience data loss following fire, flooding, cyber-attack, terrorism, sabotage or a power cut…

You simply cannot afford to operate without an adequate disaster recovery plan. Our automated and fail-safe, data protection service regularly creates off-site restore points in the cloud, so you experience no loss of data in the aftermath of a disaster.

Your back-ups are kept at your local location on a robust, dedicated device. With this backup replicated to the cloud (secure data centre). This means you’re covered if you face a disaster that affects your office location, such as a fire or flood. Employees can work remotely from the latest backup, either on or off-site, while data is being restored.

Our proactive team check that all backups are working optimally, with no failures, so you don’t have any nasty surprises should you ever need to restore from one.

Unexpected outages and system downtime can have a significant impact on your business. Downtime means a loss of productivity and impacts your bottom line, how much downtime can your business afford to sustain before it becomes damaging? 

90% of businesses fail within two years of a disaster


It may come as a surprise, but only 3% of disasters are natural. Human error accounts for 30% and failure of hardware causes 42%. Data recovery when need will save the business


65% of SMB’s have no disaster recovery plan. The longer you can’t function, the greater the reputational damage. 40% of businesses never survive a significant IT loss so it’s essential to plan and be prepared for disaster recovery, now.


Escalating insurance requirements, industry regulations, legislation and compliance. A world where your clients Cyber Essentials requirements are increasing the number of things to trip you up, comply with our continuity service and data protection.

Included with FTS backup & continuity, disaster recovery solutions...

24/7 Availability,
Dedicated Support Line


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