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“Since we’ve been with Focus Technology Solutions we hardly have any problems and if we do they are minor and sorted out within minutes.

The huge difference is that FTS 
listen to us, it’s definitely a partnership.

H Greaves & Son

Award-winning IT support services tailored to your business requirements

Focus Technology Solutions is an award-winning, IT Support Service partner based in Wigan, Lancashire supporting businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Focus Technology Solutions enable businesses to achieve competitive advantage and peace of mind through the innovative use of technology.

We are passionate about getting to know your business, people and how this is
aligned to your business and legacy plans. As these are directly linked to the technology and support you require through this journey to ensure your success.

We look for long-term partnerships and work with you along your journey to enable your people to be successful.

Your journey with focus starts during our initial discovery assessment.

Focus Technology Solutions best practices are aligned to our vendor partnerships and ITIL® service management to evolve what we do and how we do it as the fast pass of technology develops.

What makes Focus Technology a good fit for your business?

Stress-free aligned business support and a bespoke 12 month IT Strategy roadmap that evolves and adapts with your business needs.


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Case Study: Rye Motors

Focus Technology Solutions has been providing IT Services to Rye Motors for over 2 years. At Focus Technology Solutions we fully understand the needs of Rye Motors.

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Switching to Focus Technology is simple and stress-free



During your discovery call we’ll work with you to understand your business and technology goals


On-Site Audit

Using non-invasive auditing technology and sessions with your people we get to know your systems



Benchmarking against Best in Class practices Focus Technology create your bespoke technology strategy

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Phillip Duffy

Technical Apprentice

I bring a unique blend of humour and a strong willingness to dive into tasks with enthusiasm. My personality shines through in everything I do, adding a vibrant dynamic to the team.

Outside of work, I have a passion for painting miniatures, playing board games, and indulging in video games. These activities not only fuel my creativity but also keep me engaged and refreshed.

Pursuing a career in IT has always been a dream of mine. I am excited about the prospect of working closely with IT and learning from this dynamic field.

Before joining the team, I honed my skills in the retail sector. This experience equipped me with valuable insights into customer service and teamwork.

One quirky aspect about me is my double-jointed thumbs, which always seem to intrigue people!

The opportunity to work with an incredible team and immerse myself in the IT world is what I love most about my role. The camaraderie and the chance to work in IT make every day enjoyable.

Superpower? 🦸‍♂️


Sweet or Salty? 🍬🥨