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What is the best for you?

Focus business phone systems is a complete managed communications service that provides a range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities. It allows you to manage your calls whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

The key benefits are:

Giving you complete peace of mind

Work from anywhere at any time

Enable your people to interact with each other and your clients like they are in one office together

You can bolt-on to your current phone system quickly - how?

Why is it great for your business?

The System Grows with You

So you only need to start off with one user and add or remove users when you need each month.

Fixed Spend

Your spending each month is a fixed fee. So with the unlimited UK call bundle, you can easily budget.

Enable Mobile Working

Mobile working is so simple, so you can take and make calls where ever you are, which is perfect for a small business when you are busy.

Hands Free Install

Our phones auto-install themselves so there are no install or setup charges. It is just plug and play at any location.

Support for Multiple Devices

Smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android), desktops and laptops (Apple and Microsoft, Chromebook and Linux).

Voice and Video

93% of communicating attitude and feelings is from non-verbal cues.

Free mobile & computer phone application

The system comes with free iPhone and Android App's along with PC and Mac App too.

These are to enable professional remote working by allowing you to make and receive calls to your mobiles through the system. You don’t pay for minutes on your mobile, which is a real cost saving.
When anyone calls your main office number, if you are out and about, the App can answer just like you are sat at your desk.
You can even use the App instead of renting or buying a physical phone to save on money.

Work from anywhere at any time


Great quality phones in your office, simply plug and play and work as you normally.


Receive and Dial as your office number while out and about on any mobile device.


Communicate and Save money using a softphone on your PC & Mac App with a headset.


Allow staff to work from home any time with the same extension number and ability to transfer and record calls.

Coffee Shop

You can answer your work calls from anywhere in the world, including the coffee shop in between meetings

Why choose focus technology?

Fixed Cost

Fixed-Fee Unlimted Support means you’ll have unlimited support with one monthly bill, without any hidden fees or extra charges.

Reliability you can trust

We guarantee 99.9% uptime backed up by our SLA on our robust UK dedicated platform. Monitored and managed 24/7

Free Configuration & Support

All our systems are configured in the cloud, so there are no configuration, installation or support charges. Our phones simply auto install when plugged in.

Your critical numbers

Transfer existing numbers

Getting up and running on your existing numbers is a simple process of moving your number across to our platform. We help you with this process to ensure it’s quick and easy with no downtime to the business.

New telephone numbers

New company or looking to start with a new telephone number or premium telephone number?
If you have a premium number you already pay additionally for, we can help you redirect it through to our platform too.
No problem, we can provide you with a selection of telephone numbers to choose from. You can choose local numbers or generic 03, it’s up to you.

Cloud phone system FAQ

Here are the most common questions we get asked. However, if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why choose Focus Technology?

You’re not alone. While meetings are always well-intentioned, they usually end up spiralling off-topic with no outcome, eventually becoming a “bad meeting”. Unfortunately, these bad meetings are what erode performance and impact your company’s bottom line. See the three reasons why meetings get a “bad” rap:

What is the best for you?

Traditional phone systems are a dying technology

ISDN is a dying technology. Indeed, BT intends to switch their ISDN network off entirely in 2025 and the general consensus is the technology will be as good as gone within five years. But this traditional system is still being used by many businesses.
ISDN is a communications network that relies heavily on physical infrastructure, specifically copper wiring. It came to prominence because it provided the opportunity to transmit voice and data over the same lines. However, because of its reliance on physical infrastructure to manage calls and additional functionality via an onsite phone system (or multiple), this takes up space within business premises and requires resource to administer and maintain. Similarly, it is hard to add and remove new lines to an ISDN network because it requires the physical

So what’s the alternative?

Our hosted telephone is a complete business phone system, delivered over the internet and provided by a host and/or telephony company.

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