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What do you need from Local Managed IT Support?

Guaranteed 10-minute
technical response time

Proactive IT, Security & Compliance Management

Alignment with your business strategy and vision

IT Experts

We use our expertise to recommend technology that is only aligned to your people and business goals, automating processes & increasing your operations and efficiency across your business.

We develop a personal 3-year technology roadmap, aligned to your business plans and targets.

Instant support from your
local IT service provider

IT Support when you need it

Our UK-based service desk team provides INSTANT telephone and remote Technical Support to our clients to match your business needs.

We offer three different types of all-inclusive IT Support plans that embrace a simple ‘per managed device’ pricing model to keep costs controlled.  Fast effective Onsite Technical Support and business-critical one-hour Onsite Support is provided by our Local Microsoft and/or Apple Certified Field Support Technicians.

Keeping technology aligned with your business strategy

Our Business Technology Advisors will create a bespoke IT Strategy Roadmap to cover the next 12-36 months that matches how technology will enable your business growth, solve your business challenges and drive your financial growth to hit your goals.

Completing your quarterly strategic business review meeting with your dedicated Business Technology Advisors is essential for keeping your IT Strategy Roadmap in line with achieving your business goals. The primary functions of an IT Strategy Roadmap will help you to:
Business IT Roadmap

We believe businesses should be accelerated by their IT

[NOT overwhelmed by trying to manage it]

You’ll also be able to access our expert IT solutions

Cyber Security Services

As cyber security experts, we recommend multiple layers of protection, such as two-24/7/365 proactive monitoring, 2 factor authentication and cyber security team awareness training. We help your team with the development of IT Security Policies, helping you to attain security certification like Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001 and your ultimate back stop Disaster Recovery Plans.

Remote Working / Work Anywhere

Stay connected to your people and business while being mobile. You don’t need to stop being productive with your clients and colleagues just because you are in a remote location. We can design, implement and support various secure solutions to match your team needs.

Antivirus Protection

Threats to your Manchester business core data are higher than every and pose severe risks to your business. The major threats are there to steal or obstructed access to your high-risk business data, which can cause operational issues or affect your brand. Do you have next-generation Antivirus that is proactively managed and remediated for you?

Email Security

Social email phishing scams and user knowledge is now key to your business not being dragged into a hackers net. Our solutions create various levels of defence that are bespoke and layered to match your business and people requirements.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can enable your business to be secure and nibble with your team’s ability to access from anywhere – Greater efficiency, productivity and profitability all result from a successful cloud strategy. Fee earners work more flexibly, critical applications and data are protected and your IT team can focus on adding value, accelerating digital transformation and driving your competitive advantage.

Projects & Consultancy

Our Professional IT Support Projects and Consultancy Services include Server Installations and Upgrades, IT Strategy Consultancy, IT Project Management, Office IT Relocation Services and Cloud Strategy and Adoption.
Local IT Service Provider

Our clients are already seeing the impact

We serve many SMEs in Manchester and match their technology needs with their business growth.

Worried about switching?

Our proven process means you can switch with ZERO business downtime

Moving anything, whether it be your home, bank account, gas supplier or IT provider can cause some disruption, but it doesn’t need to if it’s done correctly
Your business is in safe hands thanks to our proven process and knowledge means switching to Focus Technology is hassle-free.  
People have many concerns when it comes to switching IT providers,  find out more below….

Next Step - Discovery Risk Assessment

Step 1: Book Discovery

Book 40-minutes with us so we can further understand your business and your goals

Step 2: On-site Audit

Non-intrusive technology and people session to assess your current stage

Step 3: Analyse Together

We will analyse the results together, benchmarking against Best in Class practices and alignment to your business strategy

Begin your seamless IT journey

Speak to one of our experts today and see how we can help your business grow through fully managed IT support.

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