IT Automation: How it works and why you need it in your business


The explosion of technology in many businesses has helped companies increase efficiency in a variety of ways. However, does it sometimes feel challenging to harness that power?

We want to delve further into IT Automation and how it’s an important feature of any successful business.

It’s not just about IT automation though, it’s about orchestrating it where automation works together across the whole business creating even greater efficiencies.

If you’re considering IT automation, let this article be your guide. Here we will explain what IT automation is, explore the benefits and share tips for getting started.

Firstly, what is IT automation?

What are the benefits?

The implementation of automation technologies, techniques and processes bring a host of benefits:

  1. Increase speed and efficiency
  2. Save money and resources
  3. Enhance security
  4. Create fewer errors

Once you have the foundations of good IT, business management and support in place, you can turn your attention to the exciting world of automation. Lots of businesses have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with automation but are beginning to see the value in these projects.

Employees and change

Most employees don’t like change however as they start to realise that automation is on the horizon, they need to be reassured that the purpose of these projects is to be able to increase customer base, without having to take on further headcount, and the only thing they will be losing is the dull, mundane parts of their job. 

To begin the journey, we would advise you to speak to an IT service provider who can give you insight into choosing the right systems for your business.  Yes, there are out of the box solutions available however an IT strategy to adopt automation and orchestrate it across your business is the best way forward.

We’d recommend involving your team in the process. Ask for their opinions and thoughts on the current areas that could be improved and discuss the proposed options with them. Ultimately the team and their attitude towards the proposed solution will decide if it’s successful or not. 

Automation has the ability to truly transform business practice and processes. It can remove that layer of inefficient, costly tasks that are often open to errors and inaccuracies. Naturally, humans are not good at repetitive processes and consistent behaviour in doing tasks and because of this reason errors happen.

Done correctly automation could make a real impact on your business’ growth plans. You could read this, take an action to learn more and in a matter of weeks could be seeing real business and bottom-line benefits. All the while it has relativity minimal impact on your employees, apart from freeing up their time and having no impact on the systems they use daily.

Sometimes the argument against automation is that clients/customers value the personal touch. This is true; people buy from people, and the relationships that businesses build with their clients is integral to the service they provide. However, the areas where automation is possible are the areas that don’t add value, that no longer need human intervention – reminders, chasing messages – the sort of communication with clients that adds no value to the relationship; therefore there’s little point in investing the time in this process. 

The digital front door

Among the many automation opportunities within a business, one of the largest is the standardisation of information sharing for data entry from customers. Having a single location for every form of communication between your business and your customers improves the customer experience and is the launchpad for the standardisation necessary to adopt automation on a significant scale.

​​With the apps and solutions available, it’s essential for both reducing admin time and improving accuracy that the solutions you adopt talk to one another. 

At this point if you are picturing the room of IT developers you will need to employ, then remove this vision.

Focus Technology Solutions recently worked on a project to tailor software to create efficiencies in the customer service department for Mazuma Money.  Read our case study here: Mazuma Money Casestudy

Want to see how automation could help your practice? Contact us. Our team of tech experts can suggest the apps and tools to use with your current systems and are happy to answer any questions you have.

Ready to switch to an IT Service Provider who puts your business needs first?

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