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In the last few months, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of change to the way we work and the way we do business. Whilst enabling remote and mobilized technology was a part of some SME businesses, more people than ever are moving towards this flexible model of working, with secure technology solutions at a more cost-effective price paving the way for this transition.

The pace of today’s business means that workers are expected to deliver high quality results as quick as possible. But without the right technology at hand, your people– and so your business can quickly fall behind your competitors.

Today, your team’s experiences need to be sustained across all different types of devices, some business and some personnel – and sometimes, well outside the boundaries of the office. How do you enable access securely on personnel mobiles and laptops or do you force all access to only be from business devices?

We’ve compiled a useful guide to help you to future-proof your business with flexible working options and remote working solutions. After all, we now know this could improve performance, mental health and your opportunity to hire the best matched people (wherever they are).

Microsoft Teams Fast Track

Microsoft Teams

With your team working remotely, communication and where you store your data is more important than ever. 

Using Microsoft Teams effectively can allow you to create a hub for everyone to collaborate during daily/weekly catch-ups (Huddles) or with external customers and prospects. With the tiled conferencing video capabilities you can still interact with everyone on video to ensure you get those valuable touchpoints needed to keep a good relationship. 

Or for quick and easy (but recorded) communication there is chat facilities with all your common functionality people have got used to using within social media platforms such as gifs, stickers and emojis.

Part of the Microsoft suite that you’re properly already paying for, Teams allows you to share and edit Microsoft documents in real-time, allowing for instant collaboration between colleagues and even others outside of your organisation you may want or need to collaborate with, they don’t even need a subscription or the app. Using one platform to share and discuss content means you can still work together, despite working remotely. This creates communication steams you may not have and stops table tennis emails with different versions of the crucial document.

The key to this platform (like others) is the setup and access given to your users to fulfil their role and enable the business. Our Full managed support offers complete management, maintenance and proactive monitoring of Teams to ensure you get the best from the solution. Take a look at our Microsoft Teams fast track package to get the most of the service you are already paying for to add value to the business or ensure you that this is set up and is optimized fully.

Cloud Telephone System

Mobile working enablement cloud telephone system

Investing in the right company phone system can help to improve both internal and external communication, increasing company productivity and helping your business to grow through productivity and not adding more people. Much like our hosted desktop solution, our hosted cloud phone solutions enables complete telephone business options, with call recording and full mobile usage on any device securely for a fixed price with the UK calls included.

You can add or remove additional handsets or softphones whenever you require to a single user at no extra cost, integrating multiple sites or home locations to ensure identical communication procedures for all employees no matter where they are meaning the same experience to your customer

With your phone system no longer tied to one physical location, you and your employees have full access to the company communication system from anywhere, at any time; all that’s needed is an internet connection. A hosted telephone system creates greater flexibility to both you and your employees, allowing for flexible and remote working options that maintain company productivity. A Cloud Telephone system allows your people to communicate together in the office or on the way to a meeting to get answers you need now not tomorrow.

A cloud-based system also offers built-in disaster recovery and business continuity as we are located in two different locations (data centre) with resilience. Coupled with a hosted desktop solution, our hosted system ensures your business keeps running even when you cannot access your office building. This means you can now create the proven flexibility that increases your team’s performance but also matches the needs of you people to be flexible and retain good valuable talent.

Hosted Secure Desktop / Cloud Server

Hosted Secure Desktop

Our Hosted Secure Desktop solutions allow you to remotely access your company desktop, but keep your data and applications in one secure location with managed uptime, Rather than storing crucial documents and applications across several machines at a risk, a hosted desktop allows you to store information on centralised servers, meaning you can access those important files from any location, at any time- not just when you’re at the office.

Investing in a hosted desktop affords you and your employees greater flexibility, allowing you to work remotely using either company equipment or personal devices. With a hosted desktop in place, you can continue working even if access to the office is restricted, ensuring your business can keep going no matter what.

Hosted desktop is a great way to gain all the advantages of uptime, security and fast backup/recovery while creating a fixed operating cost for the business.

Our hosted desktop solution allows your business to centralise data and collaborate across multiple devices for a fraction of the cost and effort, helping to increase productivity whilst minimising expenditure.

Microsoft Office 365

Micorosoft 365 enablement

Including all those tried and tested Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more, Microsoft 365 combines all your essential business tools into once fixed monthly cost per person active within the business and allows you to access them on any device via a web interface or full application installed on up to five machines. 

Using Microsoft 365, businesses can link devices and data from any location with a single login, helping to simplify remote access and internal collaboration.

With all the cloud-based technology that goes into remote working, you will want to ensure that all centralised information, including confidential documents and files, is properly protected and backed up. With built-in encryption, anti-virus and anti-spam software, you can rest assured that your business is properly secured against cybercrime or internal accidental actions from your people. But you need a partner or qualified person to manage this platform, as Microsoft give you the functionality but not the complete configuration enabled by default. Incorrect configuration can mean you have security issues, performance issues or that you cannot utilise the platform to the maximum.

With our 24/7 support team, we can assist with Microsoft installation and management, providing ongoing support to make sure you get the most from Microsoft 365. Our highly trained engineers are only a phone call away, meaning you can leave the tech to the professionals and get on with running your business.

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