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Our Focus

Delivering managed Technology services and strategies to small and mid-tier accountancy practices across the UK and Ireland is our sole focus at FTS. We work closely with the leading accountancy software developers, so our expertise covers the complete range of accountant software applications. This equips us with a unique skill set, combining technological and account sector knowledge.

Cloud security, compliance and a gift for communicating in your language

We provide specialist advice on key areas such as security and compliance. Above all, we know how accountancy practices work, understand the regulatory environment in which they operate and are familiar with the complexities they face when managing the complex area of applications they need to be succesful.

We work closely with each client to:

We pride ourselves on putting our clients first and have built our business on excellent clear customer service. A 99% client retention rate speaks for itself.

The partners to the accountancy sector’s major Software

These partnerships provide accountancy practices with the assurance that our technology services will work seamlessly with their applications. Our expert technical team know how to configure your IT environment for optimum performance with the key accountant applications, whether you’re building a brand new platform, migrating from a legacy application or enhancing productivity within your existing environment. Our knowledge and professional support ensure support queries are dealt with efficiently.

The chosen partner to the Accountancy sector’s major software providers!

Client management

Payroll Management

Accounts Management

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