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Only a select few understand how a business is enabled by technology

How well does your technology
enable and secure your business?

Discovery Risk Assesment Process

The discovery risk assessment is a chance to get to know your business and how you use your technology. We gain an understanding of where your people utilise technology currently and what your future business plans are. Then we can discuss the state of your current technology and how it works in your business.

You will receive a plain-speaking unbiased report on how your IT systems perform against IT best practices. The Discovery Audit Assessment report focuses on your firms current pains and key people findings.

Is this audit a risk?

Our discovery session is a non-evasive look at your systems.
> We co-sign an NDA
> We don’t ask for any passwords or information on your key business data.
> Nothing is installed
> We make no changes to your network.

The discovery risk assessment will take no more than 1 hour of your time and is no-obligation.

Your Plan to Start Identifying Risk - Discovery

Step 1: Book Discovery

Book 40-minutes with us so we can further understand your business and what your goals are.

Step 2: On-Site Audit

Noninvasive technology and people session to collect your current stage

Step 3: Analyse Together

We will analyse the results together benchmarking against Best in Class practices and alignment to your business strategy.

What do you need from Your Managed IT Support Partner?

Guaranteed 10-minute technical response time

Proactive IT, Security & Compliance Management

Alignment with your business strategy and vision

Start your unique IT strategy plan

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