Enable compliance for your business through technology

We understand your business compliance needs

The question is not if, but when will your business be affected?

The cyber security risk landscape aligned to your technology and business-critical data is evolving and increasing!
Your technology is one protection level, but the results of human error is increasing daily. Now together these are more critical than ever. Next-Generation security solutions and defined security policies and the process are critical to protecting you business assets.

Focus Technology Support ensures your business data is 100% secure, recoverable and accessible when you need it

Results of a security breach can be catastrophic.....

Reduce Risk

Focus bespoke proactive managed security bolt-on services align your business environment to the required next-generation security while matching your business needs.

Multi Tiered Solution

We understand that every business is different, Focus Creates levels of security and people knowledge from all external entry point to your core essential crown jewel data


Our Security experts work with your team to certify your business to Government backed Cyber Essentials standards and GDPR Readiness. We work with you to align your IT policies and procedures to mitigate non-compliance fines.

What is your Cyber Security IQ?

Do you know the basics... and how to avoid it!

Take our 5-minute fun quiz to see if you really do know the basics around cyber security

Security of your data

We help you to create and maintain security policies for your business, which include training your people. What is the cyber security threat? The threat landscape has changed significantly, and often we now see ‘hacking’ success through the last line of defence, your people. That’s, why we offer ongoing cybersecurity training that is interactive and tracked to ensure your people, can identify common ‘hacking’ practices.

Why is cyber security important?

So what’s at risk?

Cyber attacks pose a huge threat to business continuity, with a loss of data and productivity. Attacks are costly – in fact, cyber crime is predicted to cost companies £6 trillion worldwide by 2021.* GDPR regulations also mean you risk hefty fines if you’re not compliant, not to mention the negative publicity, damage to your reputation and customers relationships.

With so many challenges associated with cyber security

It’s easy to see why some businesses are unsure whether to invest.
Common perceptions include “it doesn’t affect us” or “we don’t have the budget”, but this is a global priority, and it’s more important than ever.

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