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Remote workers more aware of security, but still flout the rule

Almost three-quarters (approximately 72%) of people forced to work remotely, is this the end of an era? Through the last four months Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, people believe they are now more conscious of their organisational cyber security policies than they were before. But they are still happy to break the rules if expedient, according to

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Your team’s productivity becomes a priority for remote working

The initial response to COVID focused mostly on business quickly purchasing new equipment and retooling systems to support work from home as a temporary function, but organizations must help maintain end-user productivity as this function is needed longer or more permanent. What phase are you and the business in Respond | Recover | Opportunity –

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How Much Do Hosted / Cloud Phone Systems Cost?

If you are considering making a change to your company’s telephone system, you are probably considering a cloud phone system option. The first question you might have is how much it costs. Getting quickly to that answer, £14.99 per user is an average cost per month.  In order to help you get further down the

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Should We evaluate our IT provider Now?

7 clear signs it’s time to change IT provider Many people don’t evaluate there IT provider and technology unless there are large amounts of daily noise, but this may be creating risk or allowing IT to not enable the business but simply become yet another cost. How do you know when the time is right?

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How to enable faster employee experiences through technology

In the last few months, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of change to the way we work and the way we do business. Whilst enabling remote and mobilized technology was a part of some SME businesses, more people than ever are moving towards this flexible model of working, with secure technology solutions at a more cost-effective

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Backup & Continuity Best Practices in the Work-From-Home Era

With the massive number of office closures brought on by COVID-19, millions of employees are now working remotely, creating new backup and recovery challenges that you may or may not have experienced yet. While some businesses are already reopening, many will continue having their employees work remotely. Google is one example of the new normal,

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