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Ok, so here we are talking about Covid AGAIN and we promise this will be the last time we’re going to mention it (for a few months anyway). The nation has been in and out of lockdown since March last year, birthdays of loved ones and notable days have come and gone.  Home schooling has

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How can I enable my team with IT in 2021

How can I enable my team with IT in 2021?

  Finally, 2020 is behind us all. The year that will go down in history for turning the normal business operations upside down. And we know, this new year may not have seen the Covid virus off, but at least we’re all a little more used working anywhere. So with the start of a new year, there

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Reasons Why Your Firm Should Upgrade Your Backup

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of cloud backup as a service, including increased availability and control of data, improved cost efficiency and strengthened disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Is it Time to review and Upgrade Your Backup? Maximise IT Resources Deploying a strategy to utilise a backup solution that is managed and

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Empowering Remote Teams

Remote IT Security: 5 Questions you MUST BE ABLE to answer

Love it or hate it, working from home is going to be the norm for the foreseeable future. Even if your organization does move back into an office sooner rather than later, remote work will likely remain an important part of your culture and so how are you Empowering Remote Teams. It’s not just a

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Advice to help Avoid Cyber Threats While Staff Works From Home

  Part 2: Steps To Be Taken By Your Team If you haven’t yet read our previous piece in this blog series, which explains what steps your organisation needs to take in order to check cybersecurity risks, we recommend that you go through it first to understand this topic better – here. In this article,

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Save 30% on your IT Costs?

Better the Devil you know? you’ve been a good manager of the department for some time now. You’ve run a tight ship. When possible, you’ve cut costs. But now an order has come down (from high enough above that you don’t have the liberty of debating its wisdom or feasibility) decreeing that you must find

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